Humus 3CT trailer has loading capacity of 3000 kg and is specially designed for Volvo miniexcavators, but can also be used with smaller tractors. The dumper is of light weight and therefore can be used for easier work. Hardox 450 for trailer body should be used when working with tougher conditions.


Tipping can be functioned with using the hydraulic outlets of the tractor or excavator. In the case, when the hydraulic outlets are missing from the machine thenhand pump as standard equiment or electrical pump as optional equipment can be used.


The Humus 3CT trailer has over-run braking system, which is activated when the towing machine itself starts braking. This solution enables to use the trailer with tractors and excavators that do not have extra hydraulic outlets for the trailer braking system.

Length (mm) 4000
Width (mm) 1600
Height (mm) 1220
Internal size of the box (mm) 2500/1500/400
Bottom/sides (mm) 3/3
Capacity (m³) 1,5
Unladen weight (kg) 650
Maximum load capacity (kg) 3000
Total weight (kg) 3650
Driving speed (km/h) 40
Tilt angle (º) 50
Standard wheels 10.0/80-12 PR10
Brakes (over run) all wheels


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