The tank is made of very resistant fiberglass. The Humus 5WT trailers have particularly strong structure and clean design, in order to provide simplicity and the best functionality.


Humus WT trailers use 400/60-15.5 tires. Customers can choose between different tire types and patterns. The selection includes diagonal and radial tires, wherein the latter ensure a much smoother ride. The flotation pattern has the property of self-cleaning from mud so that roads stay clean when driving out onto the road from a construction site.


Customers have chosen our 5WT trailer because:

  • They can transport different kind of liquids with it;
  • The tank is very durable and corrosion safe;
  • The trailer is ideal to use with tractor and wheeled excavator.


Length (mm) 4250
Width (mm) 1975
Height (mm) 2765
Capacity of the tank (m³) 5
Unladen weight (kg) 1300
Maximum load capacity (kg) 5000
Total weight (kg) 6300
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Standard wheels 400/60-15.5
Brakes (hydraulical) Optional equipment


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