The Humus 9T trailer box is made with a minimum number of parts, which significantly increases the strength of the box. The box can also be reinforced with a bottom and sides made of wear proof steel Hardox 450, increasing the durability and resistance, allowing the transportation of rocks and other heavy materials without damaging the trailer. The design of Humus trailers is simple and straightforward for best functionality.


Humus 9T has 500/50-17 or 400/60-15.5 tires depending on the customer configuration. Possibility is to choose between different tire types and patterns. The selection includes diagonal and radial tires, wherein the latter ensure a much smoother ride. The flotation pattern has the property of self-cleaning from field mud so that roads stay clean when driving out onto the road.


Humus 9T trailer has a 50° tipping angle, ensuring effective and safe unloading even with materials with a higher friction resistance. Unloading is also made easier by various back hatches. Standard equipment includes a back hatch, which opens mechanically as well as hinges outwards onto the side of the trailer. Various hydraulic hatches are available as accessory equipment. A hydraulic hatch opens higher than the upper edge of the box, which makes unloading higher loads easier.

Customers of the construction business have the opportunity of adding loadinghooks into the box of the trailer in order to make the transport of tools and heavy equipment faster and more comfortable. By adding side extensions, the volume of the 9T trailer can be nearly doubled. The product range of small dumpers enable the customers to find the suitable product based on volume as well as loading capacity.

Length (mm) 5560
Width (mm) 2370
Height (mm) 1700 - 2240
Internal size of the box (mm) 3800/2100/600
Capacity (m³) 4,8
Capacity with extensions (m³) 9,1
Unladen weight (kg) 2500
Maximum load capacity (kg) 9000
Total weight (kg) 11500
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Tilt angle (deg) 50
Standard wheels 400/60-15,5
Brakes (hydraulical) one axle

HUMUS from Humus on Vimeo.


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