The Humus livestock trailers have integrated ribs along the floor, so that animals could lean onto and balance better while driving. In addition to integrated floor ribs, the trailer can also be equipped with rubber mats, which significantly decrease the slipperiness of the floor and the risk of animals injuring themselves.

Adjustable fences can be installed inside the trailer, so that the space inside the trailer is divided into areas of various size. This concept provides an advantage, for example when older animals need to be separated from the young or livestock needs to be transported with a half-empty trailer.


The fences and back hatch of the Humus livestock trailers are constructed to be opened and closed with one movement. This way, fences can be closed quickly after the animals are loaded onto the trailer, so that they can no longer turn around or back out. The fence can be quickly and safely removed from in front of the animals with one movement the same way.

Some space has been left between the floor and walls of the trailer to make the interior washing of the livestock trailer faster and easier. This way, dirt runs off fast when hosed with water.

Length (mm) 9930
Width (mm) 2550
Height (mm) 2825
Internal size for loading (mm) 8000/2400/2100
Side wall plywood (mm) 15
Unladen weight (kg) 3500
Maximum load capacity (kg) 8500
Total weight (kg) 12000
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Loading area divider yes
Folding gates for catching yes
Roof material covertent
Standard wheels 400/60-15,5
Hydraulic suspension yes
Brakes (hydraulical) all wheels


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